5 Creative Uses for Lanyards

September 9, 2011

You’ve seen lanyards hanging around the necks of college students or attached to a set of keys, but what else are they good for? You’d be surprised at how useful promotional lanyards can be at anything from promoting your company to helping you keep track of much-needed items. These 5 creative uses for lanyards will illustrate just how great they can be.

1. Promotion – Want to get the word out about your company? Order affordable lanyards with your company name and website printed on them. They can be given out at your place of business, trade shows, and to customers as incentives. Having your business name on the lanyards helps you get exposure, leading to more customers and business! Everyone loves something free, so they’re sure to go quickly, spreading the word about your business and services wherever they go.

2. Traveling – Lanyards are wonderful to use when you’re traveling. They can help you keep certain things in an easily accessible place – around your neck. Passports, cameras, and other necessities can be attached to your lanyard and worn around your neck so you’ll always have it near. Hotel keys can even be attached so you’re sure to keep track of them and never lock yourself out of the room.

3. In the Kitchen – Have you ever lost your can opener, bottle opener, or another frequently used kitchen tool? Attach them to lanyards and hang them from kitchen hooks so you’ll always be able to find them!

4. In the Garage – Lanyards can be useful in the garage as well. Attach your most frequently used tools to the lanyard and hang them from nails or hooks in the garage. Not only will this help you keep track of the tools you use most often, but it will help you keep the garage organized and clean.

5. Children – Lanyards are great tools for children who easily lose items. Attach teacher notes to the lanyard so your child will remember to hand it over once he or she gets to class. Small wallets can be attached to the lanyards and hold your child’s lunch money or field trip money so it won’t get lost or fall out of pockets. While screen printed lanyards should never be placed on very small children, they can be very beneficial for school-aged children who are forgetful.

Lanyards are not just for college kids or employees! They are very useful and helpful in a number of different situations. The best part is that they’re very affordable so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to keep your life more organized. Along with these 5 creative uses for lanyards key chain, there are a host of other things they can be used for.

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