Custom Lanyards – Decisions You Need to Make

May 28, 2012

Custom lanyards can be designed over the internet. It is possible to go online and find a great supplier who will be able to offer a simple step by step format which will enable any company to design their own custom lanyards. However before beginning the ordering process the smart business will consider, how they plan to use the lanyard and who will be using them. These are two factors which will affect many of the decisions which will need to be made during the creating process.

A supplier is going to need to know what attachment to include on the lanyard. Most suppliers will be able to offer a number of choices. However, they are not all offered at the same price. Furthermore some of the clasps have only one function whereas others have multiple uses. Consider the cell phone loop. This name is a bit misleading. This attachment can certainly be used to carry any mobile which has a pull through hole, but it can hold many other items as well. This loop can be used with almost any tool that has a built in hole. This includes digital cameras, gaming systems and hand tools.

If you are thinking of getting this attachment then you should also consider the users. This option is a great one for lanyards that are going to be used as promotional tools. Almost everyone these days has a cell phone or can use this clasp to hold a hand tool. However, if your staff is going to want to use the cords to display ID it is completely inappropriate.

A buyer will also need to decide the fabric of the cord. If the designer knows that the recipient intends to use the cord every day to carry their ID card, they will most likely want to have a material which can be washed and dried on a regular basis. Alternatively, if the knows that the people who will be wearing the cords are those which are concerned with the planet than the choice of cord should be one that is eco friendly.

One part of creating a custom lanyard is selecting the wording on the cord. If a business is intending to distribute the cords at conventions then it might be a good idea to include contact information on the cord. However, if the buyer is planning to give the cords to their own staff it might be a better idea to have a slogan on the custom lanyards or a motivational phrase of some kind.

These are only a few of the decisions which will face a buyer when they go online. If a supplier wants to make the best choices part of the creation process should involve knowing who and where the custom lanyards will be used.

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