Customer Lanyards – Promote With the Customer in Mind

June 13, 2011

Lanyards do make for wonderful promotional items. They are actually one of the most popular items for company promotions. The reason for this is simple; customer lanyards appeal to the consumer.

Many businesses while trying to choose which item to use for a promotional campaign forget that the most important aspect of their promotion is the customer. Price, storage, and size are all important, but the bottom line is will the customer like it and use it.

The object of a promotional campaign is to get the name of your company noticed. If you are trying to do this by giving away items, you have to be certain that the market you are targeting is going to make use of the item. The person who receives the item initially may look it over, but if they cannot use the item chances are they will simply throw it into a drawer and forget about it. If this happens then you have failed to get the recognition that you were trying to achieve.

Customized lanyard can appeal to anyone. The great thing about lanyards is that it does not matter how old a person is, they can benefit from using them. A younger person may not have keys, but you can change the attachment and provide them with a eco-friendly way of carrying their own water bottles. Most parents will be happy to buy a water container that a child will be able to fill and reuse. Not only is this better for the environment, a parent can ensure that their child is able to have a drink with them no matter where they are. They will not have to be constantly buying the child new water bottles or pop.

A person of college age may decide that the lanyard is ideal for their student ID or perhaps their keys. If the person is no longer in school, they may decide that a lanyard is a perfect way to carry their MP3 player or similar portable music device. These units are often very expensive and many people do not want to put them in their pocket, but they do not have an alternative transportation method. A lanyard is a perfect solution to this dilemma.

Adults who participate in any kind of sporting activity can most certainly benefit from using a lanyard. It does not matter if the person is just a casual late night walker or a fly river fisherman. A lanyard can be used to carry a cell phone in case that there is an emergency.

Seniors can also benefit from lanyards. They can be converted to carry either prescription or sunglasses. If an individual has to have a certain type of medication with them at all times, they might want to consider switching to a lanyard. It is far easier to have a lanyard on the back nine than trying to carry a purse or backpack around all day.

Lanyards are not gender specific, nor does the size of the person matter. Anyone can benefit from a lanyard. Customized lanyard will almost certainly be a promotional item that will be used again and again. If you select a lanyard for your campaign you can rest assured that it will give you the results you were hoping to achieve.

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