Easy Access with Retractable Badge Holders

January 29, 2014

Assorted Retractable Badge HoldersMany employers now use badges as a way to identify employees and give them access to specific areas of the building. Sometimes these badges can be used to clock employees in and out of work. Regardless of the way in which your employees use their badges, offering them retractable badge holders, such as carabiner badge reels, can be the ideal way to give them easy access.

A Safe Place

When your employees need to use their badges on a regular basis, they want it to be in an easily accessible location. However, they also want to make sure it is as safe as possible. Offering your employees retractable badge holders will allow them to attach their badge to themselves in a way that will keep it safe, yet easily accessible. Whenever they need to use it, they can simply pull it away from their belt and use it as it was intended, allowing it to fall back when they are done.

Identify Your Employees

If your employees interact with customers or other individuals throughout the day, it is likely their badge will also serve as a form of identification. In these situations, keeping the badges on well-placed carabiner badge reels will ensure that everyone can see which individuals are your employees. This can be especially advantageous for companies that have customers coming in and out of the business at all times.

No Hanging Lanyard

Badge LanyardsSome employees don’t like to walk around with something hanging around their necks. For these employees, carabiner badge reels can be the ideal alternative. They will be able to keep their badges out in the open where they have easy access to them at all times without the hassle of something hanging around their neck. This is also useful for situations in which having something hanging from your neck can be a serious risk. The retractable badge holders won’t have the same risk of catching on something and causing injury.

There are many reasons why you may want to provide your employees with carabiner badge reels or retractable badge holders. When your employees wear their badges in this manner, they will be easily identified, can use their badge quickly and easily for a variety of purposes and won’t have the same risk as a lanyard that hangs around the neck. There are few disadvantages to this type of badge holder.

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