Personalized Lanyards – Make A Lanyard Personal

December 18, 2011

Creating personalized lanyards is all about making choices. When you are selecting a lanyard you should take full advantage of each and every choice that is offered to you in order to create the ideal lanyard for your business.

Part of your decision making process will be to decide on a clasp. Many people who order a custom lanyard overlook this stage in the decision making process. However, if you want to ensure that your customers are going to wear the product you have to make certain that they will be able to use it. The only way that they are going to be able to use the item is if it has the right attachment.

If you do cater to a younger market you might want to think outside the box and get the loop option. Although, this is not a common choice it is one that is gaining in appeal as more and more people are getting cell phones and small digital cameras. Furthermore, this attachment can be used to carry music devices like MP3 players.

One of the choices that you will get to make is the kind of fabric that you want to use to create your ideal lanyard. When you are looking at the various selections think about both your client’s needs and how you want to portray your business. If you are targeting a teen market you should think about selecting one of the more durable sporty fabrics. You might want to consider the nylons and the polyester. Whereas if you know that most of your clients are older you and well off you might want to create a high end lanyard. You should gear your thoughts towards the cottons and the satins.

The most important part of the entire process is deciding what you want your lanyard to say. You may want to have the name of the company printed on the cord. Alternatively you might decide that you would prefer to have a catchy slogan and the website written on. Whatever you do decide it is important that you make two things very clear to the wearer. You want them to know who you company is and how they can reach you.

A quality personalized lanyards producer will give you the option of selecting how you want your lanyard to be dyed. The standard method is usually a form of silk screening. This is an ideal way of dying all kinds of different fabrics provided that the logo or images do not require a lot of fine detail. However, if you do intend to have a photograph on your lanyard you may want to choose to use the dye sublimation method. This process is much more suited to doing a lot of detailed colors.

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