Cheap Lanyards – The Inexpensive Lanyard

December 10, 2012

When searching for lanyards many people key the phrase “cheap lanyards” into their search engine. This is not what they are really looking for. What they actually want are well made, inexpensive lanyards.

Generally an individual lanyard will not cost more than a dollar per unit. However, this price can be reduced even further if the buyer is able to take advantage of wholesale prices.

Many companies which deal in promotional products are willing to lower the cost of an individual item if the company places a large order. In fact many manufacturers have entire price ranges geared towards the size of the order, the more that you can buy the lower the price.

If you are thinking of buying lanyards for your company you should consider taking advantage of these deals. When you begin to think about placing an order you might want to buy just enough lanyards to supply your staff. However, you might want to expand your area of thinking and look at other ways that you could use the lanyards. Consider the following.

For instance if have a staff of fifty you might want to buy fifty or sixty cords. However, what if you bought an extra couple of hundred?

These extra lanyards could be used as promotional items or gifts. Promotional products can introduce new customers to your company or they can act as reminders. As a business it is important to realize that repetition is one of the keys to effective advertising. You have to keep establishing your presence.

The lanyard is an ideal promotional item for any number of reasons.

It is light, easy to store and can be kept in storage for extended periods of time without suffering any damage. Cords do not take up a lot of room and they can be kept virtually anywhere.

Lanyards have a long life span. A well made cord can last for many years. They will not break, fade crack or peel. These items are often made of cloth, which means there is little chance of them being damaged before or after they are in the hands of the recipient.

The lanyard is an item which can be worn and used by almost anyone. They are an item which can go into the boardroom or be used at an elementary school. People of any age or size can use them. Lanyards can be used in location and at any time of the day.

The lanyard can be completely customized. The name and logo of the company can be printed onto the cord. They can also accommodate contact information. If a company chooses they can have their email, phone number or address included.

The lanyard is extremely visible. The traditional lanyard is worn around a person’s neck, like a necklace. This means that anyone seeing the wearer will also see the cord.

Cords are light. If you do decide to use cheap lanyards for promotions, you might have to take them to various locations. This might mean having to move boxes of lanyards a number of times. Fortunately, a single person can easily move hundreds of lanyards, compare this to having to pick up and move hundreds of coffee cups!

These items make great thank-you gifts. Smart companies are realizing that if they want to keep customers they have to show them that they are valued. Even a small token shows a person that there business is appreciated.

If you and/or your company is planning to make a lanyard purchase, consider all the possible ways that you can use cords, not only at the moment but in the future.

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