Categorizing the Uses of Lanyards

June 7, 2011

While many people may not know what lanyards mean, most have seen them in their daily lives. Lanyards, quite simply, are those neck strings or wrist ropes that you see attached to all types of things these days. They are made up of a variety of materials and sometimes are also accompanied by features such as buckles, detachable latches and other similar things. If you can now visualize a lanyard you have probably thought of one or two areas where it is used. However, it is likely that you have not taken into account all the various uses of lanyards. In order to correct this, the following are the three primary groups into which all the uses of lanyards can be categorized.

1. Safekeeping expensive electronic items:
It is very likely that you have seen those little cloth or synthetic strings attached to electronic items like cameras, USB pen drives and mp3 players. It is even possible that you have known the purpose of these strings and used them in this manner. These strings, cords or ropes are attached to the electronic item to keep you from dropping or losing it. Ideally, you are supposed to put your wrist through the cord or hang the item on your neck. This would keep the items safe even if your hands are busy elsewhere. Custom lanyard are always the best choice.

2. Making identity visible:
In big events or big offices, it is impossible for everyone to know everyone. This can create some major security problems where guards would have to ask every single person to show proof of identity before allowing entry to any location. This can be a problem because it leads to waste of time which can be better spent elsewhere. Therefore, lanyards allow employees to hang their identity cards around their necks in easy reach should they be required to show it to someone. This has resulted in the elimination of lines and a more streamlined work culture in many offices.

3. Dead man’s switches:
Finally, lanyards can turn out to be critical in saving a man’s life as well. In factories and manufacturing units that consist of dangerous and large machinery, it is important that the operator of the machinery is protected should he lose his senses or become unconscious. This is achieved with the help of lanyards. Wholesale lanyards are put on the operators’ wrists with the other end looped around dead man’s switches that most dangerous machines have. The direct result of this is that if the operator loses consciousness or loses balance and falls away from the machine, his weight immediately affects the dead man’s switch to shut down. Therefore, there is no risk from the machine damaging the operator in any active way.

The above mentioned three categories would be able to encompass all forms of applications of lanyards except the most innovative ones. This means that, while the aforementioned three categories of applications form the basis of lanyard uses, there can be other innovative uses to it based upon special circumstances.

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