Printed Lanyards – Making the Perfect Choice

May 9, 2011

Printed LanyardsThe next time you are at a convention or a tradeshow, have a good look at the lanyards that you see. Do not just take a quick glance; take a moment to really see the lanyard. Which colors catch your eye? What kind of printing do they have? Can you read all the information easily? Not all lanyards are the same and if you are planning to buy printed lanyards for your business, it is essential that you get the best ones on the market.

If your company does not have its own colors, you are going to have to select the colors that you want to use. You want to pick colors that are bright and will grab people’s attention. You want your lanyard to stand out and be a real eye catcher. Bright colors are the best for this. Additionally, you want the person to be able to read the words that are on a lanyard. A dark blue lanyard may be clearly seen, but if you choose black lettering, people may not be able to read it.

You should think about what style of font you want to use. Which style will best suit your company and have the best visual appeal. If you have a logo that has printing, you might want to consider using the same style of lettering that is on it. You could also use the same style of printing that is used on your letterhead or business cards. You create a more cohesive feel for the company if all your products are done in the same style.

Printed lanyards need to have clear sharp words. You should think about the number of words that you want to have on the lanyard. A short message is best.

The way that the lanyard is made is another thing that you should think about. Do you have a very detailed logo? If you do, you should think about getting a dye sublimation lanyard. The term sublimation is a process where a solid is converted into a gas without becoming a liquid. When it comes to dying material, the dye is super heated to the point where it becomes a gas.

Lanyards that are made using the dye sublimation process are very clear and sharp. The dye in its gas state is able to adhere right onto each fiber of the material. The gas penetrates deep into the material and does not spread in the same way that some liquid dyes do. There is very little bleeding or running. This technique is often used when people want to have pictures printed onto cloth. When this method is used on a lanyard, it reduces the chances of any flaking or cracking.

Silk screening is the most common method of dying lanyards. This process is cheaper than sublimation and can do a wonderful job. For lanyards that do not have a lot of color or detail, it is perfect.

Do not forget that many lanyard companies have staff that can help create your lanyard. Printed lanyards are a great way of advertizing and getting your company noticed.

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