What To Take On The Trip

November 13, 2011

Anytime you decide to take a trip either by yourself or with the family, there are certain things that you must take with you. It is a bad thing when you have traveled for hours and finally realize that you have forgotten something. This can create a bad start to what could have been an exciting time on vacation.

One of the most important things that you should remember to take with you on a trip is your identification. No matter where you are going, having the proper identification with you can help you avoid some major problems. Can you imagine what would happen if you left your identification at home and got pulled over by a police person in another state? You could be in big trouble if you cannot prove that you have a drivers license or who you are for that matter.

A great way to help you to remember your identification is to use a cheap lanyard in bulk. A lanyard slips around your neck or around your wrist and it can be used to carry a small pouch. This small pouch can contain your identification as well as some extra cash. It can easily be placed inside of your shirt so that people can not see that you are carrying it as well. This will keep you safe as you run inside the gas station in the middle of the night to pay for your gasoline and to get a cup of coffee.

Some other things that you absolutely must remember to take with you on a trip is your cellular phone or a list of phone numbers of friends and family. You will need to be able to contact people in case of an emergency. Also, remember to keep your emergency road service card with you so if you do run into some car trouble you will be protected.

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