Personalized Lanyards

February 10, 2012

People purchase personalized lanyards for all kinds of different reasons. They buy them to carry their ID and they get them to hold their keys. These are all great uses of the lanyard, but there hundreds of other ways that a lanyard can be utilized. When you are selecting a new lanyard you should keep these ideas in mind and make your own personal lanyard. Personalized lanyards are far more than just a cord which hangs around a person’s neck.

People who are buying lanyards for their ID might be looking at getting one which has a bull clip. A bull clip is an attachment which can be used in conjunction with both vertical and horizontal cards. Another way of carrying an ID is to get a wallet or a pouch attachment.

One of the most common uses for the lanyard is as a way of carrying an individual’s keys. A split ring can be used to hold more than one key. Another option that you might want to think about is a pull a-part attachment. This clasp can be separated into two pieces. One section remains on the cord around your neck while the other section with the keys can be kept in your hand. This makes it much simpler if you are using the lanyard for car keys.

A lanyard pouch is an ideal companion for any dog owner. The pouch can be filled with various items that you might want to have with you when you are out with the dog. If you are training the dog you should consider keeping a spare clicker inside or perhaps a drag line. You might want to use the holder to store the dog’s rewards. Alternatively you can carry clean-up items in the pouch. Disposable bags and gloves can all be placed into the pouch.

Lanyards are a great way of carrying personal safety products. There are some people who like to have a whistle or a horn with them when they are out late at night. Keeping these things on a cord, means that if you do need the item, it will be right at hand. No time will be wasted trying to dig the item out of a purse. Additionally, if wearer is forced to flee they will not drop or lose the protection device.

Remember that one of the great things about a lanyard is the fact that they are strong. They can be used to hold and carry more than one item at a time. When you are making a personal lanyard, think about ways that you can add an additional attachment. For example if you buying lanyard to carry keys you might want to add a water attachment.

A personal lanyard is one which you can build and design. You can pick and choose which options you want. You can choose to buy one with a safety buckle or you can add an attachment to make the cord shorter. These choices are all one that you can make when you are creating the perfect lanyard.




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