Top Lanyard Attachments

November 2, 2011

Many things need to be considered when you decide to purchase lanyards. However many people don’t think about choosing the right lanyard attachment for their needs. The great thing is that many different types of lanyard attachments are available to choose from. Some are offered free with custom lanyards while others will cost you a bit extra. Here is a look at some of the options available in attachments for your lanyards.

Some of the common lanyard attachments that are offered free with your purchase of lanyards include o-rings, safety breakaway attachments, thumb triggers, bulldog clips, and the swivel J hook. If you need to hold badges with the lanyards, the bulldog clip is a great option. The o-ring option is one that works well if you plan on carrying keys on the lanyard. For those who work in dangerous jobs, the safety breakaway option is definitely a great one to add to the product.

Of course, there are extra lanyard attachments that you can have added to your order, but they will end up costing you more in most cases. One attachment is the length adjuster, which allows the wearer to easily adjust the length for their personal needs. This can be handy, especially for people of various heights. You can also go with a cell phone loop, which will easily allow you add the lanyard to a cellphone. Plastic J hooks, oval hooks, and carabiner hooks are other attachments that you may want to consider if you don’t mind paying a bit more.

The attachments you choose for your lanyards are just as important as every other decision. Make sure you choose the appropriate attachment for the use of the lanyards. This way there will be no problem with the usage of them once you make the purchase.

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