Lanyard – What Type of is Right for You?

August 16, 2011

Although a simple concept itself, selecting a promotional lanyard for wearing over your head on your neck can actually become a bit of a trick as there are so many different types available and lots of options. Some variations of the many options available for neck lanyards are:


  • Some of the various materials that lanyards can be purchased in include, but are not limited to: cotton, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, silk, and metal.

Width and diameters

  • Ribbon (flat) style lanyards are available in a number of widths including 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ and diameters are generally 1/4″ rope.


  • Many manufacturers provide screen printed lanyards in a wide array of colors. One website visited listed 15 different colors available in their ribbon style lanyard made out of polypropylene.

End attachments (single end or double end)

o Bulldog clip
o Plastic hook
o Swivel hook
o Ring
o Swivel clasp
o Cell phone loop
o Water bottle ring
o Eyeglass retainers
o Carabiner clip
o Retractable badge reel (single end only)

Adjustment bead

  • The adjustment bead is used to tighten the lanyard up around your neck after the expo lanyards has been slipped over your head.

Safety breakaway
o Snap breakaway
o Velcro breakaway

Buckle option

  • An added feature to some lanyards, a buckle option allows a portion of the lanyard to be disconnected for ease of use of the item that is attached to one end of the lanyard.

As one can see from the many different features listed above, one has a wide variety of choice that they can make when configuring a lanyard for specific purposes. Typically offered in 35″ lengths for wearing over your head on your neck, one can also customize the length of the lanyard for different purposes such as for wrist lanyards.

The above information pertains to lanyards used typically to carry items on your body such as badges, key rings, USB flash drives, or a knife. Since there are so many other applications for lanyards over-and-above uses for wearing them, there are many other materials and configurations available for lanyards used for other purposes.

Still used regularly on sailboats, bargain lanyards available for sailing applications are often made from 3-strand twisted polyester rope with hand spliced eyes and double-locking safety snap hooks rated at 5,000 lbs break strength. The tails are shrink tubing sealed forming a taper to prevent snagging on any exterior surfaces or edges. In addition to 3 strand twisted polyester rope, double braided polyester rope is an option as well. Standard lengths come in 4-7 foot adjustable and 7-10 foot adjustable in rope diameters of 1/2″ diameter and also in 5/8″ diameter.

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