Lanyard Styles

August 22, 2011

Styles of lanyards are so varied today that they can be found in virtually any material and type. There are inexpensive lanyards that can be purchased in bulk for a variety of events. Sporting events, concerts, conventions and school events use them for holding badges and identification. The plain cotton lanyard that is available in a diverse selection of colors is popular for this use. This type is usually not imprinted with anything and they are purchased by the case.

The badge type is used by many companies as a way of displaying their logo as well as a means of security. They often hold badges with a bar code that must be swiped to gain entry to a building or the company’s location. There are some schools that use this method as well and they are also used by employees who enter their starting time and quitting time on a time clock.

The cord type of order lanyards is another inexpensive type and they usually hold an ID badge. They are typically made from polyester or nylon and can be made from cotton as well. This type can have an adjustment that allows the lanyard to be made longer or shorter. They are usually worn around the neck.

This type is preferred by joggers and hikers as a means of keeping their hands free. They can hold a water bottle or whatever is needed. The ability to slide an adjustment at the top of the buy single lanyards and make it longer or shorter allows the user to carry what they need and it is easily accessible.

A flat or ribbon lanyard is the type used for imprinting the name of a company or organization. They are made from cotton, polyester or nylon. Designed to fit the particular need, they can be custom printed and this of course, raises the price.

There are lanyards made from beads. This material is either metal or plastic and they can be used for holding ID, cell phones, glasses or just for a decorative look. This type is considered jewelry by many and they can use beads made from glass or crystal. This increases the cost, depending on how decorative the wearer wants the lanyard.

The woven lanyard is one type that is often used for ID badges. They are preferred by companies and schools for their durability. The materials used to weave the custom lanyards with no minimum are usually cotton or polyester. They may be washed and are valued for holding ID, which many companies and schools are using today with the increased need for security.

There are also breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards. The breakaway type is adjustable and may be made from elastic. This type is used in situations where the need for safety is paramount. For operators of machinery that contains moving parts, this type will come apart if they would happen to get caught in the machinery. A non-breakaway type is not made from elastic and is rigid.

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