Custom Made Lanyards

October 2, 2011

I had a good laugh at myself recently, well yesterday as a matter of fact. Up until very recently I had not even heard of the word personalized lanyards and had no idea what they were Now I have a good understanding of what they are and just finally started noticing people wearing them everywhere I turned! They are just very simply a type of a cord or strap that is built to be durable as they will be holding usually important items around one’s neck or wrist. Such items can include car keys, house keys, ID badges with name in the workplace, MP3 players and mobile phones to name just a few.

If you go out for a jog or walk or perhaps like to go to a public swimming pool and don’t have pockets, or at least not ones that are big enough to carry your keys for example, having a customizable lanyards around your neck (loosely so as not to choke you!) can be the perfect item to secure your valuables. It is great if you work out at a gym too as the lanyard will keep your hands free to work out on the machines and you won’t have to hide your keys in your shoes which would be “slightly” uncomfortable.

Lanyards are seen in certain types of employment such as in hospitals. You can have your name and perhaps your title in a plastic piece that attaches to your lanyard and in some cases that badge will have a strip on the reverse side to swipe through the time clock. Some work places and schools may have a specific color coding system which helps distinguish between categories such as LPN, RN, etc in a hospital and different extra curricular activities in school such as band members, cheerleaders, those on the tennis team and so on.

One type of lanyards custom is a very smart marketing tool. Ones that have a flat surface can have a business logo, name and website imprinted on them. Starbucks is one company taking advantage of this inexpensive way to promote themselves. When businesses buy in bulk there is a good chance they will get a discounted rate. If you own a business and don’t already have lanyards in your marketing plan it is something to look into. Nike is another one I have seen. I figure if these two very well known companies use them, perhaps lesser well known companies could benefit from them as well.

Some materials used in these promotional lanyards are cotton and nylon. These can have a logo or even a sports team’s name easily printed onto them. The most inexpensive way to have these made is done by hot stamping. If money is no issue, you may want to have yours’ made with dye which is best for detail and overall quality.

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