Custom Lanyards Maker

September 17, 2011

First of all lanyards have nothing to do with your front yard, back yard or any kind of land, but perhaps you already knew that. This is written for those who have never heard of the word ever being spoken in everyday life. In a nutshell a lanyard is made of durable materials and is a cord or rope which people can either wear around their neck, which is the most common way, or around their wrists.

At the end of school lanyards you will typically find a plastic piece which has the person’s name on it and perhaps their title if they are wearing these in a business setting. Some businesses have a color coding system where for instance red cheap lanyards signify the employees, blue for the managers and green for visitors (or no lanyard at all.) This helps things stay organized especially in a large working environment, as well as keeping the area safe by seeing an individual who is not wearing any kind of lanyard. Some badges may even have a strip on one side of it that can be used to swipe through a time clock.

Lanyards are not just all about the workplace by any means. They can be used to carry keys, mobile phones and whistles. I have yet to see anyone carrying their mobile phone around their neck on a lanyard. I can only assume either the phone is very lightweight or the lanyard materials are incredibly strong. They can also be used in public places like college campuses, fitness centers, libraries and swimming pools. Think about it for a minute regarding the swimming pools. If you went by yourself, where would you store your house key so no one would steal it from you while you were enjoying the pool? If you are on a vacation or holiday, having a lanyard to keep your hotel room keys very close to you is a good idea.

Businesses like to use reunion lanyards for marketing purposes and will often have their logo, website, phone number etc. printed on there for added exposure at a very minimal cost. I have seen some for Nike and Starbucks for just two examples. What a great low cost way of getting your business name out there. It might be just a bit less expensive than advertising on a billboard that is for sure! These can be used for just about any reason, whether for business or non-business activities. Do you have one? If not, this might be something you may want to look into further.

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