What is a Lanyard?

September 23, 2011

If lanyard is not a word you are familiar with that is perfectly fine as I assume some might not have ever seen or heard this word before. It is just a fancy word that describes a sort of cord, rope or strap that is predominantly worn around the neck although some wear them around their wrists too. Their main function is to keep important things close to you so as to avoid losing them or having them stolen. A few things people attach to their lanyards are their name on a plastic piece attached to the end of it in the workplace, cell phones, keys, MP3s and small cameras for a few examples.

One type of low cost lanyards is one that looks much like a shoelace. They are very lightweight and easy to wear. These are quite economical thus are welcomed in both offices and schools. Typically these are made with either black or blue but certainly can be any color. Some offices and schools may want to have them be a specific color to differentiate various levels of workers in an office setting or for specific schools’ colors. Sometimes a lanyard that is woven can even be used by businesses for promoting their products or services. These types have flat surfaces which allow for the business name, website and phone number and more. I have seen a couple big names on lanyards such as Nike and Starbucks. That is one very creative and inexpensive marketing method, whoever thought of that first!

Another type of low price lanyards is one that is beaded. They have become more popular in the work place over time since a flat surface shoelace looking one is not exactly professional looking in some businesses. Thus the beaded ones have gained more interest as the choice for use at work. Those in the medical profession, office administration and teachers want to look their best and often opt for the beaded lanyards.

When you are choosing your particular cheap lanyards in bulk keep in mind that there are different types of them. Some have the ability to break away and some do not. The break away type have a clasp closure which will allow the breaking for safety reasons. These are very strong and won’t fall apart even when there are glasses, ID badges and keys attached. However the clasp will come apart if the lanyard is caught on something or tugged on. This break away feature is used by hospitals, medical staff and some schools.

If you want to buy a lanyard or even try making one yourself you will want to decide beforehand if you prefer the shoelace or the beaded type. If you want one just for fun (not needed for work etc) you can get really creative and use whatever colors and materials you want to and they also can make nice gifts.

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