The Lanyard at the Office

June 14, 2012

Historically the lanyard was the tool of the sailor on tall ships. They created these cords to assist them with their daily tasks. One of the most dangerous tasks that they would be required to do involved climbing into the rigging. Many times when they were performing this chore they would need to have particular tools with. To ensure that they did not drop the tool and that their hands were free for climbing they carried them on a lanyard.

If you work in an office, there is probably little chance of your ever being faced with this task. However, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from the lanyard. The lanyard’s principal function is to carry and hold various things which make it the perfect companion to have in an office setting.

The standard lanyard is worn around a person’ neck and in many offices this cord is used as a means of displaying an individual’s ID. Although, this is a great use for the cord, it can also be used for many other tasks at the same time. Consider the following examples.

There are numerous people whose occupations require that they move around frequently throughout the day. If you have one of the jobs you can use the lanyard to carry a drink of some kind. Rather than having to stop and purchase a cup of coffee you can attach a refillable sports bottle to your lanyard.

A pen is another item that can be kept on a cord. There are a number of different clasps which are specifically designed for this purpose. The wallet lanyard is one such attachment. These wallets can hold your pen and display your ID. Some of the designs even permit a person to carry their business cards in them.

Numerous office workers carry keys on their lanyards. They often choose to utilize a split ring for this purpose. A person who is carrying keys can include an attachment which will allow them to keep various other tools with the. For example, if you frequently need to measure things during your work a measuring tape can be added. This principal applies to any small office tool that you might want to have handy throughout the day.

You should keep in mind that a person can carry both their keys and their ID on the same lanyard. Additionally, when selecting the clasps an individual can choose specialty attachments which will permit a person to pull the item completely free of the lanyard without needing to completely remove the cord. An individual can also get lanyards which have the breakaway safety device built into the cord. This buckle reduces the chances of the wearer suffering any kind of cord related injury.

Lanyards can be used in used in almost any office to carry keys and display ID, but the smart user will realize that they can be much more.

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