The Office Lanyard

April 22, 2013

Lanyards make for the perfect office companion. This is because it enables an individual to carry any small tool or gadget and yet always have their hands free. In an office the lanyard can be adopted to carry all kinds of items. The article below will outline some of the more common ways that people in an office environment choose to use their lanyards.

The lanyard can be used to carry water bottles. People on the job, often want to have a drink with them while they are doing their work. There are two basic kinds of clamps which can be used to carry water. Both the O ring and the water clasp can be used to carry almost every kind of plastic water bottle. You can also use a lanyard to transport refillable drink containers.

If you are going to be carrying a thermos or a refillable sports bottle the carbineer or lobster claw are ideal. These attachments can attach to the handle of these containers or to the lid.


 Lanyards can be used to carry traditional keys. Although many facilities have gone to swipe keys, there are many places which still rely on the old fashioned key. The perfect attachment for this type of key is the slide ring. This clasp can carry more than a single key. Furthermore, due to the design of the key there is virtually no chance of the keys falling off. The one disadvantage to this method of transporting the key is the fact that it can be difficult to remove the keys.

Lanyards can be used to carry pens. This method of holding a pen ensures that you will always have a pen handy. If you are interested in this kind of application you can get a pen which has a special clasp alternatively you can use one which comes with a cap that is designed to be carried on a cord.

Another convenient method of carrying a pen is to use a holder. There are different styles of holders that you can buy for this purpose. If you buy a simple holder you can carry the pen inside, whereas, some of the fancier designers of holders have pockets which are specifically made to hold pens.

The lanyard can be used to carry business cards. This is great if you do a lot of your work in various places. You can put the cards in the holder, and ensure that they are with you no matter where you go. Furthermore, this solution for card carrying means that you can use this same holder to carry cards which belong to other people as well.

One of the most common ways that people in offices use lanyards is as a means of carrying their ID. The clasp that you are going to need is going to depend upon the ID which you have to carry. It will also depend upon how much protection you want for your ID card.

Most people like to have their ID in some kind of case. The simplest case is a soft plastic one which offers protection from rain and snow. However, it does little to protect the card from being bent or cracked. If this is one of your concerns, you will want to get a hard case. These cases are almost always clear and if you are concerned about fading due to the sun’s rays you can get ones which have a UV coating.

One of the things that really permits the lanyard to stand out is the fact that it is capable of multi tasking. A person can use a single cord for more than a single tool. This means that it can carry any combination of these items at the same time. If you work in any kind of office job there are hundreds of ways that you can get a lanyard to assist you.

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