Lanyards for Professionals

May 3, 2013

The lanyard is an item that can be used by various professionals.

The photographer is one professional that has learned how to make good use of this useful item. Once they have the cord around their neck they can use the lanyard to hold all different kinds of lens caps. Alligator clips can clamp onto almost any cap.

Photographers who are working with children often have to use props to get the child to laugh. To make this job easier they attach various small stuffed animals to their lanyard. This strategy allows them to quickly alternate between the prop and the camera.

The lanyard can be used as a neck strap. Many photographers have to have their camera hanging around their neck for hours at a time. Sadly, many of the straps that come with the camera are itchy and uncomfortable. A simple alternative is to get a high end lanyard. There are all kinds of cords that are made out of satin and cotton. Additionally, these types of straps can be washed and dried by machine.

Those individuals who work in office buildings can use the lanyard to carry their ID cards. This method has a number of advantages. The cord can be worn over any type of suit or delicate material.

The ID card can be displayed in a number of ways. If the card has a hole or grommet the user can hold the card using a standard hook or a small thumb lever. Alternatively, the person can keep their card in a wallet or holder. Holders are made of various materials, which provide varying degrees of protection.

Holders that are made of soft plastic will protect the card for water damage. Hard plastic cases will prevent the card from being bent or broken. If the person needs to swipe their card, there are holders that permit the wearer to use the card without having to take the card out of the wallet.

People who often have to travel during their working day might think about carrying a bottle of water with them on their lanyard. The rubber ring or the clamp can be used to hold all kinds of plastic drink containers. These clasps can also be used to hold numerous kinds of refillable sports bottles. These bottles are good for the environment and they permit the user to determine what ingredients will be in the drink.

Another way that the lanyard can be used by professionals is as a key carrier. Those people that have to keep more than a single key might want to carry their keys on a slide ring. This particular clasp is often hard to open. However, once the keys are on the attachment there is virtually no chance of the keys falling off accidently.

A person who is intending to use their cords to carry keys might want to think about include the snap buckle feature or the swivel.

The snap buckle is an option which permits the user to remove the keys without having to take off the lanyard.  This buckle is normally about a few inches above the ring. This addition also permits the wearer to have other clasps above this point.

The swivel is another feature that is located on the front of the cord. This option allows the user to turn the slide key ring without moving the rest of the lanyard.

Professional can use their lanyard to hold and carry their business cards. This solution is perfect for the person who does not have pockets. The other great thing about this application is the fact that the user can put other people’s cards in the wallet and if it is large enough, a person can have a pen and paper.

These are only a few ways that a professional can use and benefit from wearing a lanyard. there are hundreds more.

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