The Multitasking Lanyard

June 16, 2012

The lanyard is a common place item that many people use every day. They use the device to hold their phone, carry their keys or to display their ID. However few individuals realize that the lanyard is capable of multitasking.

The standard lanyard is a simple cord that is slipped over the wearer’s head. This cord is equipped with some kind of clasp or attachment that can be utilized to carry all kinds of various tools and items. One of the great things about this cord is the fact that the wearer can add or remove clasps as needed. Below are a few example of how a standard lanyard can be made more useful by carrying two, three or four items at a single time.

If you are wearing a lanyard every day to display your ID you might want to think about changing the way that you carry your card. Rather than simply using an alligator clip, think about a pouch attachment or wallet. A wallet can carry a pen, a pencil, and a few business cards in addition to the ID. If you do a lot of your work on location, you might want to add a clasp which will permit you to have a water bottle with you. You might also want to add a GPS unit to the cord to help you navigate your way to various job sites.

People who wear their cord to carry their car keys might want to take a good look at when they use their car and how the cord can help. If you often use your car at night a flashlight is a great thing to have on the cord. If you live in a region where it gets extremely cold you can keep various de-icing gadgets on the lanyard. These gadgets are ideal for making certain that you can get into your car quickly if the lock has frozen over.

A person, who uses a cord to carry their keys and owns a dog, can get the lanyard to aid them with dog care, training and walking. If you plan to go for a long walk you should bring along a drink for both you and the animal. You can easily do this by attaching a bottle of water to the cord. You can also add a fold-able water dish for the dog to the cord. Another attachment that you can add is one that can hold some treats for the dog.

Lanyards are incredibly versatile. They can be utilized to hold and carry countless objects. However, it is important that you remember that they are more than capable of carrying a single item. Carry your keys, display your ID but use the cord for other things at the same time. Learn to make the most of the lanyard.

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