A Pet Training Lanyard

June 18, 2012

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for thousands of years. People, who get a dog, buy them for many different reasons. Some people get a dog to guard their homes while others want an animal to take hunting. Still others simply want to have a friend and companion. Whatever the reason, it is vital that as an owner you take the time to train the dog properly. Lanyards can help.

Dog training is a lifelong process. It does not end after a few weeks of basic obedience classes. If you want to have a well mannered, obedient dog then you must be prepared to train him, throughout his life. One of the best training items that you can get is a lanyard. Lanyards can be used in a number of different ways while you are training.

Many people want to have a dog that can be off leash. This is often taught by starting with a drag line. The owner attaches a long light line to the dog. This line allows the owner to quickly regain control over the dog and yet permits the dog to have his freedom. If you are planning to use a drag line you can keep the line in a pouch or wallet lanyard.

Another method of off leash training involves using various electronic collars. These collars are normally activated by a hand held unit. These systems can be carried on a lanyard. Additionally, you can use the cord to hold and carry an extra unit or spare batteries.

House breaking a dog requires that you be consistent and patient. It also requires that you try to keep the dog on a strict schedule. If you are late getting the dog out in the morning, you may find yourself racing out the door. Be prepared for these small emergencies by having a pet lanyard right at the door. On the cord you can keep a pouch which is filled with all of the items which you might need. You can store pick-up bags and disposable gloves in the pouch. You can also keep a few rewards in the pouch for a job well done.

Many dog owners live in the city where it is the law that all dog must be on a leash if they are off the owner’s property. To accommodate this most dog owners have either a standard six foot leash or a retractable one. These leashes are great, but if you live in a busy region you might want the option of using a traffic leash. These leashes are designed to keep the dog in the

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