Dogs and Blank Lanyards

June 6, 2012

Every dog owner should have at least one bank lanyard. Blank lanyards can be used to help train, walk and clean-up after your animal. If you have never before considered a lanyard in this way, consider the following.

One of the ways to train a dog involves using a clicker. The clicker can be attached directly to the lanyard or it can be kept in a handy pouch. If you are familiar with clicker training then you know that timing is everything. You must be prepared to click at the exact moment that the dog does a correct action. Wearing your clicker on a cord which hangs around your neck will guarantee that you are ready. Additionally, you must have rewards ready to offer. These rewards can be kept in a lanyard wallet or pouch.

Many owners want to train their animal to work or respond off leash. This training method normally starts by using a dragline of some kind. The line needs to be a light one, yet it has to be strong enough to keep the dog under control. Another training strategy for off leash involves using electronic devices and collars. Receiver units can be carried on a cord. Furthermore, extra batteries can be held in wallets or pouches.

Almost every urban area has laws regarding the behavior of every dog that is off the owner’s property. One of the regulations pertains to leashes. You must keep your dog on a leash at all times. Most urban areas state that the leash should not be longer than six feet. These are great walking leashes, but they make walking down a busy street difficult. If you are on a crowded sidewalk, you may want to have a shorter leash. Rather than buying an expensive leash for this purpose, you can easily convert a lanyard into a traffic leash. You can either slip the lanyard through the dog’s collar or you can buy a special attachment ( a lobster claw or a carbineer) which will hook onto the collar.

A lanyard pouch can be utilized to clean-up after your pet. Picking up after your dog is something that every responsible dog owner will perform, not just those in regions that have established laws. Pick-up bags can be carried in pouches. The pouches can also hold gloves and treats.

When you and your pet are out on a hot day it is essential that neither of you becomes dehydrated. To prevent this from occurring you can carry a bottle of water on a cord. Alternatively, you can keep a refillable sport bottle on a lanyard. The lanyard can also hold a dish for the dog. There are numerous kinds of fold-able water dishes available for pets. You can add one of these dishes to your lanyard using a standard hook.

Whether you are training or simply walking the dog blank lanyards can be of assistance.

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