Obtaining The Right Supplier For Your Lanyard Needs

June 8, 2012

There are hundreds of companies on the internet which all claim that they are able to create the best lanyards. How will you know which one to use? If you or your company have never designed a lanyard before, it is vital that you learn about the designing phase before making a selection. In order to make a wise choice you must understand what a company should be able to provide.

One of the options that will be presented by many companies is the fabric. Many businesses are able to offer nylon cords; these are among the most common. However there are countless other materials which can be utilized to create cords. These materials include things like bamboo, satin and cotton. The style of cord should be offered to the buyer. A flat cord is among the most common, but cords can also be created in a tubular or chain style.

Price is going to be of concern to most companies. In general lanyards are an inexpensive item. In fact most suppliers will offer their cords for about a dollar per unit. However, a really good supplier will be able to offer their lanyards at wholesale prices. This means that they will reduce the price of each individual cord in proportion to the number being ordered. Some companies may even be willing to waive the shipping and handling fees.

The attachment will need to be chosen. Great suppliers will be able to provide a wide range of choices. Additionally, they will be able to offer certain clasps in various sizes and materials. For example a quality supplier will offer a standard hook but they will offer it in both plastic and metal. Furthermore, they will have different sizes of hooks.

A quality supplier should also be able to offer a choice when it comes to how the words are placed upon the lanyard. The most common method is silk screening. This technique has proven itself thousands of times. However, if a company wants to have any kind of detailed image on the lanyard then the buyer should be offered the choice of full color. This technique involves using a gas dye rather than a liquid. Using a gas gives the manufacturer far more control over the colors and quantity of dye being used. Another choice that should be offered to the purchaser is the

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