Customized Lanyards For Company Promotions

March 29, 2012

Companies frequently select customized lanyards as promotional items. If you and your business are investigating this option you should be aware of the choices that are going to be presented to you. All of these choices can be made online and they will only take a few minutes. However, each and every choice is important and needs to be made with care and consideration.

One of the first choices that you will need to make is the kind of material you want. Almost every manufacturer is able to offer a number of choices. This selection is more significant than you might think. One choice that is available to you as a buyer is getting a lanyard which is environmentally friendly.

Options which might be given to you include lanyards which have been produced using recycled materials or lanyards which are made using renewable resources. Lanyards can be produced from a variety of recycled materials. These include cotton and polymers. Fabrics like cotton bamboo and satin are all ones which come from renewable resources. Both cotton and bamboo come from plants whereas satin comes from the silk worm.

You should consider the number of lanyard which you require. Think long term rather than short. You may only need a hundred lanyards immediately but if you think that you could use a hundred more in a year, you should consider making one large purchase. Suppliers frequently offer wholesale prices on large orders. Additionally, the cost of shipping and handling might be waived if you place a big order.

You should be familiar with the methods of dying cords. There are different ways that a company can print your information onto a cord. The first is using the traditional silk screening method. This is a proven technique which has been around for thousands of years. This method is ideal if you are creating a fairly simple design. If you are planning to have a detailed image on the cord you should think about having the lanyard produced using the newer technique of dye sublimation. This process is better suited for detailed and colorful designs.

Customized Lanyards Attachments

The attachment is also a choice which you need to give a lot of thought too. If you select the wrong choice, your customers and/or your staff will not want to use the customized lanyards and your entire effort will be in vain. When you are looking at options think about how and when a person will want to use the lanyard. You should also think about where the lanyards will be used.

Clasps come not only in different style they are made using different materials. For example, the standard hook might be offered in either a plastic or a metal. Each of these choices have advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following if people are going to be utilizing their lanyards outside then plastic might be the better option. Plastic will not be affected by the cold. However, a metal hook is frequently stronger than a plastic one.

These choices are all important and they can make the difference between a successful campaign and an ineffective one. As a buyer you need to make certain that you make the best possible choices in order to obtain the best customized lanyards possible.

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