Customized Lanyards – Perfect For Company Promotions

April 11, 2011

The custom lanyard is a great advertising item for any company. No matter what you are selling, or what service you are providing, you can get a lanyard to suit your company. Customized lanyards can be made in almost any color and can have virtually anything printed on it.

When you are picking a lanyard you should consider exactly what you want the lanyard to say. Although you can have any saying or phrase printed on a lanyard, you want to make certain that it can be clearly read and seen from a distance.

A company that has a long motto or slogan might want to consider trying to shorten the version that they want to have put on a lanyard. The printing will be clear and concise, but it may not be easy to read because the printing will have to be very small. If
possible, try to keep the message short. The shorter the slogan on the lanyard, the larger the letters that can be used.

As a customer you also get to select the material of the lanyard itself. One kind of lanyard that you may want to think about is a tubular lanyard. Do not be fooled by the word tubular. This lanyard is similar to that of a shoelace, but it can still be customized,
and a slogan can easily be seen on its surface. This lanyard is ideal for any client who wants to use a lanyard to hold keys, or other heavier items.

The tubular lanyard is made from a polyester fabric. The polyester material will be easy to wash and keep clean; which is
great, if you are planning to give the lanyard out as a promotional item for keys. Many people who wear their lanyards all the time want to have the option of being able to clean the lanyard.

The other really great thing about the polyester lanyard is that it is usually stitched rather than glued. A stitched lanyard will last far longer than one that uses any kind of glue or similar product. Glues will deteriorate over time and will not stand up to washing as well as stitching will.

The attachment that you select for your lanyard is also critical. As a buyer you can choose exactly what kind of attachment you want to have on your lanyard and there are more than one or two choices. You have to think about which one will be right for
you and your needs. You can choose from the more common bulldog clip to the swivel hook. If safety is a consideration you might want to look about special breakaway lanyards. This feature will allow the lanyard to break apart if it does get pulled or tugged.

Customized lanyards are exactly that — a product that is custom made. As a buyer, you can choose not only the materials, but also the color and slogan; you also can choose how you want the lanyard used and which attachment is best for you.

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