Customized Lanyards Options

March 28, 2011

The lanyard is a product that is geared to the customer. Customer lanyards are specifically made to meet the needs and requirements of every single buyer. When you buy many products you get exactly what is in the box, there is no variation or alteration. You get the exact same thing as everybody else. This is not the case when you buy a lanyard. A lanyard purchase of any size gives you the ability to be king. You can make all the decisions.

Lanyards are a product that can be completely customized. When selecting a lanyard you should decide two things first, what you as a buyer plan to use the lanyard for and how you want the lanyard to look when it is finished.

A lanyard is a simple device, but it can be used for countless different tasks. The clip which you select is going to depend on what you plan to do with the lanyard. If you want the lanyard to be used as an ID holder, you may want to choose a simple bulldog clip. However, if you plan to use the lanyard to hold keys you might want to choose a key ring attachment. Your strategy will be different if you plan to use the lanyard as a giveaway product. The choice of attachment should then be selected to fit the needs of the people to whom you intend on giving the lanyard.

Do not forget that although a standard lanyard hangs around your neck, if you feel that this may be a hazard to your staff, you might want to consider a badge reel. These simple devices can be customized to meet many of your needs, but they will not dangle from your neck. They do feature the added benefit of being able to extend if you want to use them to swipe any kind of key or ID.

When thinking about the make of the customized lanyards, you should consider how you want the lanyard itself to appear. Does your company or product have a color scheme? If it does not you might want to think about creating one; that way, any and all of your products, can match. If you already have colors selected your job is partway done. Think about what you want if anything printed on the lanyard itself.

You can easily have a slogan or catch phrase printed on the lanyard. To have the maximum effect, you want the message to be clearly visible. The length of the phrase may have to be shortened if you want to use a very large print. The larger the print, the easier it will be to read from a distance.

Customers often buy a lanyard to be used at a special function or event. You might want to put the date and name of the function on the lanyard if this is the reason that you are buying them. However, if you do this, you may not be able to save the lanyard and give them away on future dates.

No matter what you decide to order, you get to make the decisions. Customized lanyards are made for the customer. The client gets to pick and choose, which is one of the big advantages to buying lanyards.

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