Customized Lanyards – Attachments

May 6, 2012

One of the reasons that customized lanyards are so popular is the fact that they have hundreds of different applications. Attachments on the lanyard can be altered to accommodate the needs of various companies and the individuals which will be utilizing them.

Businesses often choose clasps which will be able to hold an ID card. There are a number of different holders which can be utilized for this purpose. One of the least expensive options is often a lanyard which has a soft wallet case. These cases are normally made using a clear plastic. The ID can be seen on both sides and the case itself is waterproof. Another case that is frequently chosen is the hard case. This kind of container offers more protection for the ID card. It will prevent the card from being bent or folded. If your employees, do a lot of their work outside, it is possible to get an ID covering which will protect the ID from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

There are a number of occupations which utilize two pieces of ID. For example, federal agents frequently have both a badge and a paper ID. If your company uses this kind of system, the bi-fold case is the ideal solution. These cases come in both soft and hard shell. Furthermore, they can either remain open or can be opened when needed.

Keys are another item which is commonly kept on lanyards. The split key ring is frequently chosen for this application. The reason that it is so often chosen is the fact that it is almost impossible for a key to accidentally fall off. Furthermore, these rings can be utilized to carry a number of keys at the same time. The pull a-part split key ring is an option that appeals to many companies. The ring can actually pull completely a-part, which means that the user can utilize the keys when needed without having to remove the cord.

The carabineer is an attachment which has many different applications. This attachment is normally fairly large. It is opened by placing pressure on one side of the clasp. The carbineer is often used to hold refillable sports bottles and item other items which have large pull through holes.

The swivel hook is an option that is chosen when the wearer does not want to worry about the cord becoming twisted. Swivels can turn 360 degrees in either direction and can do this indefinitely.

It is also important to note that many of the attachments can be obtained in various materials. For example, the lobster claw can be obtained in plastic or metal. These clasps also come in a wide range of sizes.

Numerous companies are well aware of the fact that they can order lanyards online. Additionally, they realize that they can design the cord using the name and logo of their business. What many organizations may not appreciate is all of the different clasps that be obtained with customized lanyards.

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