Reasons to Have School Lanyards

April 30, 2012

Schools all over the world are buying school lanyards to upgrade their security efforts. Why are they buying the lanyards? The list below contains a few of the reasons why the lanyard is being selected.

Lanyards are inexpensive. Almost every learning institution that wants to place an order for lanyards will be able to take advantage of wholesale prices. Quality suppliers of lanyards not only offer one whole sale price, they are able to offer an entire range of prices. Additionally, for orders over a certain amount many manufacturers are willing to defer the cost of shipping and handling.

Lanyards are easy to store. If a school does place a large order and they discover that they have a surplus, these cords can be kept indefinitely. Additionally, the lanyards do not have any special storage needs. Cords are not affected by either the hot or the cold. Furthermore, hundreds of cords can be kept in an extremely small amount of room.

Schools often use the lanyards as a means of identifying guests in the building. Institutions, ask that individuals who are visiting these places are being asked to wear the cord during the visit. The lanyard makes an ideal choice for this task because it can be re-used. When a person leaves the building they can be asked to return the cord. This request not only helps the school to keep track of visitors, it means that it can be used again.

Lanyards have an extremely long life span. A quality cord can last for years. If an institution is buying the lanyards to be utilized by the faculty or as a way of recognizing visitors a school will not have to replace the school lanyards often.

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