School Lanyards – Many Uses

September 22, 2013

schoolbooksSchool lanyards can be used for many different purposes.  They can aid with everything from student identification to fund-raising. The article below will outline a few of them.

Security Carry ID Cards

Students – can wear their and display their IDs any time they are on school grounds.

Teachers and other school staff – can wear their cards.

Visitors – to the school can be asked to wear cards which state their reason for being on the premises

Hall Passes – these can indicate a student’s reason for being in the hall during class time.

Grade – different colored cords can indicate the child’s grade.

Field Trips

Every child can carry a card stating which school they attend. The card can also provide the school’s contact information.

The wallet can hold questions sheets related to the trip.

Pencils and erasers can be carried.

Maps can be carried.

Schedules – every child can have a copy of the day’s events.

Garbage – wallets and holders can be used to store trash

Sporting Events

Stop Watches – cords can be used to carry timers

Whistles – both for refereeing and race starting

Heart Monitors – When doing cardio workouts they can monitor the child’s heart beat

Compass – for doing orientation or long distance running

Special Functions

Homecoming – they could be used to indicate the year the person graduated

Prom – Cords could be p[resented to each of the graduating students as a gift

Meet the Teacher – each person could wear a card that stated their position in the school. This includes volunteers who help at the event

Pageants – All the guests can be asked to wear cards that would indicate their right to be on the grounds

Place Holder – At special dinners they can be set at a person’s seat.

Name Cards – cards can be printed and held on cords.

Fund Raising

School lanyards can be sold directly in the school store, cafeteria and office or by local businesses.

They can be offered as an incentive to get people to donate.


School lanyards are an item that is very inexpensive. This means that regardless of the school’s reason for purchasing, they can buy a large amount without causing a dent in their budget.

As an added bonus the cord can be reused. This is significant because they can be used at each and every function throughout the year. Additionally, the cord can be washed and dried after every occasion.

Additionally, school lanyards can be worn by anyone. They can be used by big or small people, men and women. They are also an item that will not damage the user’s clothing. Furthermore, lanyards can be worn with anything. They can be worn by students who are in their gym uniforms or those who are dressed for a winter recess. They can also be worn by those people working in the cafeteria and those who are dressed for prom.

The versatile lanyard is an item that can be of benefit to each and every school in the nation.

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