School Lanyards

May 28, 2012

Each and every year, teachers all across the nation are expected to prepare and plan field trips for their students. These trips can involve a lot of time and planning on the part of the teacher. However, the smart teacher who is planning one of these outings will include school lanyards in their preparations.

Many teachers ask parent volunteers to assist them on these kinds of trips. They find that splitting the class into smaller groups makes it easier to manage. As part of the effort they ask that each parent volunteer be responsible for one of these groups. This is a great idea, but it does have one flaw. In many cases the parent may not recognize all of the children by face alone. To make it easier to know which children are in their group, children can wear lanyards. This idea can work in other ways as well. The parent can also be asked to wear a lanyard, which will tell the children which parent is part of their field trip.

If a teacher wants to incorporate the lanyard into the fun, name cards can be added. These tags do not have to have the name of the child on them; they can have a group designation. For example, if a trip is planned for the local zoo then each small group would name themselves after an animal. One group could be the lions and another zebras.

Lanyards can be used to carry pouches. Work sheets, questionnaires or lists could be placed inside. The cord can also be equipped with either a pen or a pencil holder. This will ensure that each child always has one handy while they are exploring. Furthermore, pouches can carry maps of the zoo or itinerary sheets. If the group traveling is extremely young, basic information could be included which would aid any person finding the child if they do become separated from the class.

Drinks are another item which can be carried on the cord. Each child would be able to carry their own bottle of water. This strategy ensures that none of the children become dehydrated while they are out. Additionally, it will make certain that the container is not tossed into a garbage can. The child can keep the bottle with them until they reach a recycling bin.

The really great thing about this idea is the fact that lanyards can last for years. They can be reused over and over again. Additionally, cords are inexpensive and can be obtained in bulk. Field trips should be fun and enjoyable and they can be with the addition of school lanyards.

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