Lanyard – Options Available

May 28, 2012

Hundreds of years ago when sailors created the lanyard they would have used the items which could find on their ship. The rope that would have been available would most likely have been rough and uncomfortable. Additionally, they way that they designed the lanyard would have been fairly crude. A sailor would have used knots to created the circle and tie on the needed tool. They would not have been able to include many of the options which are currently available.

One of these options includes the type of material. Today any person who purchases a cord can select the fabric. A person who wants to get a cloth lanyard can select from a vast number of cloths. Polyester, nylon, cotton and cotton blends are among the choices. Other options include chain and beaded cords.

The way that the cord is made is another choice which is available. There are some suppliers which create their lanyards using glue. Glues can be a good choice, but they are not ideal for a person who wants to wash their cord regularly. Frequent washing and drying can reduce the integrity on the glue. A better solution is to get a lanyard that has been sewn together. A well sewn lanyard can last for years, despite hundred of washing.

Buyers can get various cord options for their lanyard. One popular choice is the snap buckle. This option permits the wearer to separate the lower section of the cord. Part of the cord and the attachment can be removed. This allows an individual to use the tool away from the main portion of the cord. This ability also enables the user to give the item to another person. For example, if a person has a key on the cord they can remove the key to use while they are driving or they can pass the key to another.

The safety breakaway clasp is a feature which opens automatically. This feature reduces the chance of the wearer receiving any kind of cord related injury. Lanyard injuries can occur if the cord is inadvertently tugged or pulled.

There is not a lot of options when it comes to the actual length of the cord. However, a person can shorten the lanyard by including various add-ons. One of these is the slide bead. This gadget clips onto the cord. Once the bead is on the cord it can be moved up and down and slid into the desire location. The good thing about this is the fact that it can be adjusted indefinitely.

The cinch is another feature which can be used to reduce the length of the lanyard. This feature is a simple piece of metal which snaps onto the lanyard. Although it will shorten the cord, it is not designed to be moved once it is in place. Frequently adjustments to the lanyard will lessen its integrity.

Material, buckles and shorteners are all options which are now available to a buyer. If you are planning to get and wear a cord make certain that you consider all of them prior to making your final selection.

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