Custom Lanyards Around The Home

June 2, 2012

Owning and maintaining a home is big responsibility and a lot of work. However, many tasks around the house can be made easier by using handy custom lanyards.

Lanyards can be used when you are doing any painting around the house. Whatever you plan on painting, you should always have a clean drip cloth. Rather than trying to keep track of a cloth, attach one to a lanyard. This technique will leave your hands free at all times and will permit you to instantly clean-up any accidental drips or mistakes.

Another painting tool which can be kept on a lanyard is the five-in-one. This little gadget is a painting essential. These tools can be used to clean rollers and used as a putty knife. They can also open paint cans and act as scrapers.

The lanyard can assist you with various plumbing repairs. Plumbing often requires that you have numerous small components. These can include washers, o rings and screws. All of these things can be held in a pouch. Furthermore, you can attach various wrenches and screwdrivers directly to the cord. Do not forget that a cord is strong enough to hold more than a single tool. This means that the lanyard you are wearing can have a pouch and a tool on a cord.


You can customize a cord to assist you with your outdoors as well. If you have to prune the trees, you will most likely have to be on a ladder. Rather than trying to climb up the ladder while holding the clippers, attach them to your lanyard.

This same procedure can be used when you are cleaning out those nasty rain gutters. When trying to clean away debris you often want to have various items that will enable you to loosen the leaves and twigs. Additionally if you are up on the ladder to change things like Christmas lights, new bulbs may be kept in a wallet pouch.

Many people like to make their work go faster by listening to music. You can use your lanyard to hold an MP3 player or similar gadget. You can also keep your cell phone on a cord. This strategy will ensure that you never again have to run to locate your phone and you will not miss a call while you are at the top of a ladder. If you want to include your phone on a lanyard you can affix it by utilizing a cell phone loop. Numerous phones are designed with a pull through loop. However, if your phone does not include this hole, it can be attached by clipping a standard hook to the phone’s case or protective covering. You can also store a phone in a large pouch.

Lanyards are one of the handiest items to have when you are working around the house. You can add and change the items whenever you need to and you can swap the tools being carried. Furthermore, you can customize the cord to whatever task you are trying to accomplish.

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