The Lanyard and Its Many Uses

January 5, 2012

The lanyard is a common device which is frequently undervalued. These items are commonly used to carry an individual’s ID and to hold keys. However, the lanyard has hundreds of other uses. Below is a list of some of the different ways that a person can make use of it.

The lanyard is the perfect method for carrying a drink container when a person is on the move. Anyone who is concerned about the environment has heard about the problem with lands being filled to capacity with plastic water bottles. An alternative solution is to carry a refillable sports container on a lanyard.

If you own a dog, you can convert a lanyard into a short traffic leash is a matter of seconds. Simply, by looping it through the dog’s collar you can have a handy leash which you can use while you are walking with the dog down a crowded sidewalk.


When you are at home the lanyard is the perfect way to keep your phone with you at all times. When you are out you most likely have a means of carrying your cell phone. Women frequently have their phones in their purse. However, when they are at home they certainly will not be toting their purse with them. They make a convenient device for ensuring that the phone is always handy. This principle can be used for either a cell phone or a cordless landline.

When you need to make any kind of repair around your house, you should always have a lanyard. A wallet or pouch can be used to carry all kinds of different tool and items. If you are planning to make repairs to any of the plumbing in your home, you may need to change washers, screen or similar small parts.

Another way to use the lanyard is for helping with painting. Having a clean cloth at all times is a trick which is often used by professionals. They know that it is far easier to clean up paint drips at the time which they happen, rather than going back and attempting to clean them when they have dried. To make certain that you always have a clean cloth you should keep the cloth on a bull clip which is on a cord. This will ensure that you do not lose or misplace the cloth while you are working.

The lanyard is strong enough to carry more than one item at a time. You can hook on a number of attachments and carry all kinds of tools with you at the same time. If you are carrying your keys on your present lanyard, you might want to add an attachment that would enable you to carry a small flashlight and a personal safety device.

Lanyards are extremely versatile; they can be used for all kinds of different things. They can be helpful household tools, and they can aid you while you are on the go.

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