Lanyards Design And Distribution

December 27, 2011

One thing that companies often fail to do, is to find a means of distributing their lanyards before they order and design them. This can be a big mistake and may limit your distribution efforts.

Before you go online and select a supplier, determine where and how you want to give out the final product. You may discover during your research that you can combine your design with a group or association. This will not only make your lanyard more visible, it may enable you to get the exact type of visual advertizing that you want.

For example, if the majority of your clients are seniors, and you realize that there is an extremely active seniors group in the area, you may want to speak directly to that club. Talk with the organizers and find out if they would be interested in permitting you to give your personalized lanyards to all of their members. Many clubs may be agreeable to do this, if you are willing to do something in return. It could be something as simple as agreeing to include the name of the club on the lanyard in addition to the name of your business. They may ask that you select a particular attachment, which will permit them to make the best use of the lanyard.

If your business or service is one which targets young people you might want to consider approaching one of the local schools. You could present them with a list of ways that they could use the lanyard in the school. You may want to suggest the lanyard as a way of boosting security or as a means of making a field trip more manageable. Alternatively, you could suggest that the school use the lanyards as a way of controlling visitors to the school. The school may be willing to accept your proposal on condition that you purchase an ID wallet on the lanyard, or you may be asked to provide color coded card badge holders.

If you are thinking about trying to catch the attention of a sports minded people you might think about offering a sponsorship to that tem. Many teams have more than one sponsor. The team may even permit you to hand the lanyard out to the players but to their avid supporters as well provided you have the team logo on the ribbon.

Although, you do not need to do this research before you order custom lanyards, it can be a major benefit especially if you want to target a particular group.

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