Ways to Utilize a Lanyard

April 2, 2013

The lanyard is ideal if you intend to do some painting around the house. A bull clip can be used to hold a clean drip cloth. No matter how good you are at painting, there is always the chance of a drip or a spill. If you have a cloth with you, you can wipe up any drips the second that they happen.

You can also keep a handy five-in-one on a cord. These versatile tools are a painter’s best friend. They can open cans, close cans, clean rollers and can act as a putty scrapers. Furthermore, they have a hole in the handle which means that they can be carried on a cord.

If you are planning to do your yard work on the weekend, the lanyard makes the ideal cell phone carrier. Most women keep their phones in a handbag. This is ideal when they are on the go during the week but is highly inconvenient on the weekend. The perfect solution is to keep the phone on a lanyard using a cell phone loop. By doing this you can have the phone with you at all times no matter where you are in the house or yard.

These cord do not have to be removed when you go back to work on Monday. If you are like many women and toss the phone into your purse, the cord will make it easier to find the phone. If you really want to be organized you can attach the lanyard to the strap of your purse. This way if the phone does ring you can simply grab the cord and pull.

Another way to use the lanyard in the yard is to carry a pair of clippers on the cord. This simple idea makes trimming any hedge a whole lot easier, because the clippers always handy and they are not in the way. Furthermore if you have to trim brushes using a ladder your hands will be free for climbing.

Another way that you can use the lanyard while you are at home is as a remote holder. How many times have you or someone in the house lost the remote for the television. A great way to prevent this from happening is to keep the remote in a lanyard pouch. You can either attach the lanyard to a table leg or similar piece of furniture or wear it around your neck. If you are finding that this does not give you enough manoeuvrability, you can get a retractable cord option.

The lanyard is a very inexpensive item and if you are planning to buy one to help you around the house you may want to consider getting a whole bunch so that everyone in the family can benefit from them.

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