Lanyards – Five Great Ways To Use Them

February 6, 2012

Lanyards have thousands of uses. Although most people only use their lanyard to carry their keys or their ID, they could in actuality make far more use of this device. Listed below are five ways to use the lanyard.

The lanyard makes a great traveling companion. If you plan on leaving the country while you are on holiday make certain that you pack a lanyard which can carry a drink. It is extremely important that while you are in warm climates you do not get dehydrated. This however can prove to be challenging if you are sightseeing and have been told not to drink the water. Rather than risk getting sick take a bottled drink from the hotel with you while you are out. Simply attach it to the cord and you will have a safe beverage with you all the time.

The lanyard can be used while you are camping with children. People from the city often forget how dark it gets when you are out in the woods. In order to see anything or move at all you have to have a flashlight. An easy way to have and carry a flashlight is to attach it to the cord. By employing this method you will always be able to keep track of the light and you can still have your hands free. This method can be used by everyone on the trip. It is an especially useful tip for ensuring that children do not lose or misplace their flashlights.

The lanyard is the perfect way of carrying any kind of personal safety product. These devices can be either offensive or defensive. If you buy one of these devices you should consider carrying it on a lanyard. Keeping the product around your neck ensures that you will be able to access it the second that you need it. Attacks happen quickly. If the item is in your pocket or purse you may not be able to retrieve it in time.

People frequently use a lanyard to carry their cell phone. This same principal can be used to carry an individual’s home or landline. When you are in the house or out in the yard, the last thing you want to do is be running for the phone, or trying to find it because it is not on the charger. Wearing the phone on a cord resolves this situation.

People today are concerned about the spread of germs. Children who get colds often do not have a tissue handy. Rather than wasting your breath and telling them to go and get a tissue, give them a small packet of tissues on a lanyard. This solution will greatly reduce the spread of germs in your home and will lessen the chances of other members of the family from catching the disease.

Stop looking at lanyards as simply a key carriers or ID holders. Instead look at it the way that it is supposed to be used. It is simple a device that can carry any small item.

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