Fun Ways to Use a Practical Lanyard

June 26, 2012

Lanyards were created hundreds of years ago on the oceans. They were designed to assist sailors with their tasks aboard the ship. The sailors would make their lanyard’s out of spare pieces of rope and then tie various tools to the cord. This strategy made it possible for the crewman to have their tool at all times and yet still have their hands free.

There are probably not going to be many times when you will need to climb the rigging of a ship or carry a knife in this manner. However, you can use the lanyard in many different and fun ways.

One of the things that all young children like to do is to blow bubbles. The lanyard can easily be included in this activity. The way to do this is to put all of the bubble wands onto the cord. Wands can be added using a standard hook or a carbineer. The bubble solution can also be kept on the cord. Bottles of soap can be carried using either an O ring clasp or a bottle clamp. In fact the lanyard is strong enough to be able to carry both.

Another fun outdoor activity for children is a scavenger hunt. A lanyard pouch makes the perfect place to store the small items that a child is required to find. For example, leaves, pop can openers, feathers and four leaf clovers can be collected in the wallet. The actual list can also be kept in this pouch.

A variation of this game is the sight list. This game involves asking children to count and record the number of particular items. Both a pencil and the list can be carried on a cord.

If you are planning an outing with your child, you can prepare snack lanyards for each child. A wallet lanyard is the ideal place to keep a few small treats for the child to eat while they are out. Furthermore, this carrying method makes the perfect place for the child to put any garbage and is a nice change for the parent who always ends up with the trash being either in their purse or pocket. A healthy drink can also be carried on a cord. Bottles of water or refillable sports bottles can be carried using either an O ring or a bottle clamp.

The lanyard can also be used to keep unwanted mosquitoes away from your child. One of the latest items on the market is a sonic insect repellent. These items can be carried on a cord using a loop or a standard hook.

Children enjoy playing video games and any kind of personal gaming system is going to be expensive. Keeping a gaming system on a cord greatly reduces the chances of the system being lost or stolen. Additionally, extra batteries and games can be stored on the lanyard.

Once the practical tool of the sailor, the lanyard has evolved into an item which is both functional and fun.

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