The Fishing Lanyard

June 24, 2012

Many fishermen are discovering that a lanyard is the best thing in their tackle box. This useful device can be used to carry all kind of items which make their outing much more enjoyable. Furthermore, they can customize the cord to their exact needs.

One of the best kinds of lanyards for the fisherman is the double ended cord. This lanyard can be customized in the same way that a person would make a necklace. The person can add numerous different clasps and they can use spacers to prevent the items from becoming entangled. One commonly used spacer is large beads. However, any tube shaped object can be utilized.

Fishermen can include clasps for their clippers, floats and bobbers. They can have hooks to hold weights and bait. A cord is even strong enough to carry a small tackle box. The double ended cord also permits an individual to include a large pouch. This pouch can be one which is waterproof. This makes it the perfect place to keep a fishing licence or a person’s normal ID.

What really makes the lanyard stand apart from any other system is the fact that it can be worn with virtually anything. The cord can be worn over top of the warmest coat or over a personal flotation device if the fishing is going to be done from a boat. The lanyard can be worn over light materials as well. Furthermore, the cord will not restrict a person’s movement in any way. This means that it will not interfere with any kind of fishing that includes casting.

Another great thing about the lanyard is the fact that it is inexpensive. A fisherman can buy a few lanyards and customize each one differently if they do not want to change attachments every time they vary their trip. For example, one lanyard could be customized for stream fishing and another could be geared to dock fishing.

Lanyards can be worn by anybody. The size, gender and age of the wearer makes no difference. This means that if a person brings a friend along on the trip, they can have and wear their own lanyard. This cord can be customized quickly to suit that person. It only takes a few moments to alter any clasps on the cord.

Fishing lanyards can be used to hold other items at the same time. For example a bottle of water can be kept on the cord. Alternatively, the cord can be used to hold insect repellents or sun block lotion.

Fishing is one of the most relaxing and exciting sports, but it can be made even more so if a person brings along a few cheap lanyards.

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