The Lanyard and Special Occasions

April 15, 2013

Lanyards For Halloween

Any parent whose children are intending to go out trick-or-treating should make certain that their child has a lanyard. Why?

Lanyards can make it easier for cars to see the child. There are three different kinds of cords which can do this.

1 LED light lanyards

This type of cord has LED light right in the cord. The number and color of the light varies between producers. It is also possible to get these cords with either steady of flashing lights.

2 Glow in the dark cords

This kind of lanyard is made using special materials that absorbs light. Once the material has been exposed to light, it will illuminate. This kind of fabric has been around for many years, but it has been greatly improved. Materials which employ this kind of substance can last for hours.

3 Reflective cords

This cord is made of a special substance which can reflect the light from numerous light sources including cars and street lights.

The lanyard can hold a flashlight. Getting your child to carry a light on a cord reduces the chance of them falling over something while they are running from door to door. The other two benefits to this technique are that the child can have their hands free and there is little chance of the light being dropped.

New Year’s

One of the most common New Years’ practices is to hand out noise makers to revelers. There are many different kinds of noise makers including whistles, horns and hand clappers. All of these items can be attached to a cord.

The lanyard can be used to carry confetti. Any person who is planning a party can give each person a pouch that is filled with confetti.

Arbor Day

This day, which is in April, is a time to recognize the value of the tree. One thing that many people do on this day is to get individuals out planting. The lanyard can assist with this task by carrying both the seeds and a digging tool.


One tradition that is common in North America is that of the Easter Egg hunt. Many parents choose to hide small chocolate eggs on this holiday rather than hard boiled eggs.

The lanyard pouch is the perfect place for children to keep the eggs while hunting.

Customized Lanyards

What really makes the lanyard perfect for holidays is the fact that it can be customized. This means that the buyer can choose how they want the cord to look, what they want it to say and they can select the attachment. For New Year’s parties the organizer can have the year written on the cord or simply have the message Happy New Year written on. This concept can be applied to any holiday, party or social gathering.

Customization of the cord includes the color of the cord itself. The buyer can have the cord made using the holiday’s traditional colors. For example, an Easter cord might be made using yellow or purple.

The attachment is another choice that the buyer will get to make. If they want to choose a wallet or pouch they may even want to consider getting a double ended lanyard rather than a traditional one.

Lanyards are a practical item but they can also be used to improve any function or party.

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