The Camping Lanyard

July 6, 2012

Camping has become one of the most popular ways for a family to spend their vacation. In recent years the number of people visiting and exploring national parks has increased dramatically. Some of these people are expert campers while for others it is a brand new experience. Regardless you of your level of expertise, you and your family can benefit by packing lanyards for the trip.

Many parks offer camper a map of the region when they enter the park. These maps can be kept in a convenient lanyard wallet. The lanyard wallet enables to an individual to keep and store the map in a convenient water proof location. Furthermore, they can be used whenever a person leaves their campsite. These pouches can also carry a compass. Both of these items when used in combination will greatly reduce the chances of the camper becoming lost.

While in the woods it is a good idea to carry your cell phone. Even if you do not want to receive calls while you are on vacation, the phone can be used to call for help. Furthermore, many of the newer models of phones have built in location devices. These can be employed if a person does become lost or is incapable of making a distress call.



A survival kit is essential on any camping excursion. Additionally, this kit should not be left at the campsite when you go exploring. A small pack can be kept and carried on a lanyard. These packs should include a Swiss army knife, a solar blanket, some first aid items and waterproof matches.

When you are out in the woods at night, you are going to need a flashlight. These light are going to be required in order to move around the site. A lantern and a fire will not be sufficient. People who intend to travel with children should make certain that every child has their own flashlight and they should attach it to a cord. This strategy will reduce the chances of the child dropping or misplacing the light. Furthermore, by giving each child a light they can move about the site freely.

If you are planning to be in an extremely remote location you should think about including a GPS unit. Even if you have a cell phone it may not be able to get reception and in extreme water conditions it may not work at all. However, a GPS unit can receive a signal almost anywhere on the planet and in any type of weather.

Lanyards are light, inexpensive and they can be tucked into any kind of back pack. No matter where you plan to go or for how long you should always make certain to have an adequate supply of cords.


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