Campers and Lanyards

May 30, 2013

Every camper knows that the secret to a successful trip is preparation. You have to know what to take and how much to bring. Failure to do this will result in a miserable or disastrous trip. One item which should be on the list of every camper is common lanyards. The article below will list a few of the reasons why these handy items are a camper’s must!

Camping is an activity which has a wide range. There are people who camp or travel in an RV and there are those who backpack. Lanyards are both light and small which means that they can be used by any camper, regardless of the way in which they plan to travel.

Lanyards can be used to carry more than a single item. Campers, especially those who plan to travel lightly like to select things that have more than a single purpose. Items which can perform numerous tasks are going to be selected over things which are only able to perform a single action.

The lanyard can work with almost any kind of tarp. When camping, tarps are used for any number of jobs. Some like to use their tarp to create a shelter from the rain, or it can be shelter just for cooking, or it can one like a temporary tent. Both of these applications can benefit from lanyards. The cord can be used to tie the tarp to almost any tree or pole. They can also be used in conjunction with ground pegs.

Lanyards are the perfect place to keep flashlights. The cord system allows a person to always have their hands free and have a light. Using a cord reduces the chances of a person dropping their light or losing it. Additionally, the lanyard can have a pouch on the cord which can carry extra batteries.

When camping, the lanyard can be used to carry a small survival pack. People out camping often leave their actually site to explore the surrounding area. This can be a lot of fun but precautions should be taken. When venturing out into the woods or wilds a person should have a small survival pack. This pack is an essential, and it should not be left at the site. Kits can be carried on a cord. A good kit will include items like waterproof matches and a knife.

First aid kits can be carried in the same way. A kit does not have to be large to be effective. However, if anyone on the trip has a particular medical condition, the kit should include their medicine.

The lanyard can be used to deter unwanted animals. If you are in an area where there are snakes you can carry a snake deterrent on the lanyard. In some cases you can simply apply the spray to your cloves. However, if you do get close to a snake there are some sprays which you can direct towards the snake which will deter the creature from getting closer.

Sprays can also work with other species of animals. There are various sprays which will work on bears or dogs. Some of the deterrents that work on dogs will also work with their wild counterparts.

If you are planning to go camping, be sure that you take along a number of lanyards!

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