Environmentally Friendly Lanyards

May 22, 2013

More and more people are concerned with the planet. And this concern is being shown in the things that they use and buy. Companies which produce lanyards are aware of this fact and are doing their best to accommodate this. They are therefore creating lanyards which fall into the category of being environmentally friendly.

Lanyards can be recycled. A well made cord can last for many years. However, there will come a time when your handy lanyard will need to be replaced. When this time comes, you can remove the attachment and place the cord in the appropriate recycling bag.

The cord on the lanyard can be manufactured from products that have already been recycled. In recent years the recycling industry has changed and improved. These improvements have meant that more products can be recycled and they are able to handle more products. Additionally, these improvements have caused the prices of recycled products to drop.

Another way that lanyards can be considered friendly is the fact that they can be made from renewable resources. Cords can be made using various cottons and cotton blends. Lanyards can also be made from linen, which is a fabric that comes from flax, and bamboo.

The great thing about crop plants is the fact that when they are being harvested no further damage is done to the planet. There are times when people are trying to obtain plants that the planet suffers. Animals lose their homes, other types of flora are damaged and the entire eco system is off balance.

Lanyard Clasps

There are hundreds of attachments on the market, and some of these clasps are made for a very specific purpose, whereas others are capable of doing many different things.

The O Ring

This clasp was designed to work with a plastic bottle. The ring is made of a flexible material which can stretch over the top of the bottle and onto the neck. The original purpose of the clasp was to hold water and pop bottles. However, the fact is that these clasps can and do fit almost any kind of bottle. This means that users can carry bottles of sunscreen, insect repellent of hair spray on the lanyard.

The Lobster Claw

This clasp resembles the ones that you often find on a dog’s leash. To open this attachment, you press down on a small lever. This action permits the attachment to open.

The Plastic Strap

This strap comes in a range of widths. It is often used with ID cards, which have slits in them. This attachment also works well with cases and wallets.

The Split Key Ring

This clasp is made of very tight circles. To get the keys onto the ring a person has to pry open the rings. However, once the keys are in place there is virtually no chance of the keys ever falling off.

Clasp Variations

When looking at any kind of clasps buyers should know that they do come in different sizes. Also clasps can be made out of various materials. An attachment can be made of plastic or metal. It is also important to know that different companies call the claps by various names. For example, the thumb lever is sometimes called a heavy duty hook. With all of the possible variations it is important for buyers to actually see the clasp before they make a final decision.

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