Reasons Why You Need a Lanyard When You Travel

July 17, 2012

There are actually hundreds of ways to use a lanyard when you are traveling. If you have no idea how you can use a lanyard when you are on holiday, the article below will give you a few ideas.

Travel experts always advise you to have an emergency cash supply with you when you are travelling. This money should be with you at all times and should be kept separate from your wallet or purse. If your wallet gets stolen you might find yourself without money for a few days, until you can get your cards and identification gets replaced. One way to keep this money secure is to have it on a lanyard. The cord can be worn with almost anything and it can be kept hidden under a shirt.

You can use the lanyard to carry your camera. This strategy is much more convenient than trying to hold it in your hand on lugging around a large case. Additionally, the camera will be right at your finger tips and you will not waste time fumbling to get it out.

The lanyard can be used to keep your sunglasses secure. People who are not accustomed to wearing glasses frequently forget them while they are on holiday. They get left at the beach, or in the gas station or the feast food place. If you plan on purchasing an expensive pair of glasses you definitely do not want to lose them. Keeping them on a cord will not only reduce the chances of them getting lost it will lessen the chances of them getting damaged.

If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing you can use your lanyard to carry along a bottle of water. This method is ideal because you can always have a drink no matter where you are. Furthermore, if you are in an area where it is not safe to drink the water, having a bottle with you is a great idea. This technique also leaves your hands free and you will not have to be worried about getting a drink that might contain ice or which has been made with the local water.

The lanyard makes an ideal place to keep any medications which you might need to take. It is never a good idea to leave your medicine in your hotel room unattended. The safest thing to do is to leave the medication in the hotel safe and to keep your daily supply on a cord.

The lanyard can be used to carry various kinds of bug repellent. It can carry either lotions or sprays. In fact some individuals use their lanyard to hold sonic bug repellents. These small devices are designed to keep insects way using sound waves.

These are only a few of the ways that you can make use of a lanyard while you are on holiday. There are hundreds of others. So the next time you are planning to take a trip make certain that you pack a few cords to9 bring with you. cords to make your travel

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