The Lanyard and Travel

January 24, 2013

People today are traveling all the time. They are traveling for both business and for pleasure. The great thing about the lanyard is the fact that it can be used by any traveler regardless of the reason for their trip. Below is a list of some of the ways that any traveler can make use of a lanyard.

If a person is planning to travel by plane, chances are that they are going to have to go through various security checkpoints. At each of these places an individual will have to produce various papers and documents. To make clearing these places faster a person can keep all of their paper work in a lanyard pouch.

Pouches can hold everything from flight schedules to personal papers. This simple method reduces the chances of papers becoming lost or misplaced. It also reduces the time spent trying to get documents in and out of wallets etc.

People who are going on vacation often want to take a camera. Cameras can be carried in a case, or they can be kept in a purse. However, if you keep your camera in one of these locations, you may miss the ideal shot. To make certain that your camera is always right at your finger tips you can keep it on a lanyard.

These days, lanyard wallets can be used to hold and carry more than just the camera. Extra batteries and memory cards can be stored in the pouch.

People who do a lot of travelling know about the dangers of drinking the local water. Water can cause everything from a mild stomach ache to hepatitis. Rather than risk drinking any of the local water, a traveller can carry their own bottle of water on a cord. Bottled water can be attached to a cord using either an o ring or by a water bottle clamp.

People who do a lot of traveling often wear sun glasses. These glasses can be conveniently carried on a lanyard. This technique reduces the chances of the glasses becoming lost, dropped or misplaced.

Lanyards can be used by the traveler to hide an emergency cash supply. The smart traveller knows that it is never a good idea to keep all of their money and resources in one place. If for example you have your purse taken it could days to replace all the items that get stole. The same idea applies to a man’s wallet. An alternative strategy is to keep emergency stash on a cord. The lanyard can go with you almost anywhere and can be hidden under a shirt. If you do not want to keep cash in the pouch you can keep an emergency credit card or bank card on the lanyard.

The lanyard can be used to reduce the chances of having you wallet stolen. Pickpockets are experts at being able to get their hands in and out of a person’s pocket without being detected. To prevent anyone from taking your wallet without your knowledge simply attach it your belt using a lanyard. If you are not wearing a belt, the cord can be attached to any belt loop.

Lanyards can be used by people who are traveling to the beach, or to the mountains. They can be used by anyone traveling on holiday, or by the busy executive. In fact lanyards can be used by anyone going anywhere for any length of time.

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