Making a Lanyard Personal

January 14, 2013

All across the nation people get up every morning, they get dressed and they head out to the office. For millions of people, part of this ritual includes putting on their lanyard. If you are one of these people, and you do not have to wear a particular lanyard, why not get one which expresses you as an individual.

Lanyards are an item which can be completely personal. This personalization can be done in a number of different ways. The first is to get a cord that suits you and your tastes.

If you are a sports fan, you might want to consider getting a lanyard which will reflect that. You obtain a lanyard that had the name of your favorite professional team. Almost every professional team has their own lanyards. If you have a favorite amateur team you might want to investigate if they have their own lanyards. Teams all over are designing their own cords which they use to advertize and raise funds. Alternatively, you might want to get a lanyard which simply states the name of the sport.

Personalized Lanyards

Personalized Lanyards

For people that have a sense of humor there are hundreds of lanyards which have all kinds of various interesting and catchy phrases. If you prefer there are cords that have inspirational or motivating words.

Do you have a particular fondness for a certain character? There are cords which have all kind of different images. You can get cords which represent both fictional and real people. Everyone from Hello Kitty to Obama has a lanyard.

Some people like to use their lanyard to reflect the fact that they support a certain cause or charity. If you are a proud support you can use your personal lanyard as a way of telling others that you do support a certain organization. This not only shows your support but it generates valuable advertizing for that group.

Personalization can include the kind of attachments which are on the lanyard. The great thing about cords is the fact that they can hold more than a single time at a time. This means that if you have to wear a lanyard to display your ID at work, you can use that same cord to hold your car keys or a pen. Alternatively you might want to have a drink attachment and a holder on the cord.

When you are looking at making the lanyard personal you should think about the cord itself. You might want to include various buckles and clasps in the design.

One option that many find beneficial is the snap buckle. This particular gadget permits the lower portion of the cord to be removed independently from the main potion. Another alternative is to get a lanyard which has a safety buckle.

The breakaway safety is designed to split open on its own. It does not require any direct action from the wearer. This cord will open the second that it is placed under any stress. This stress can be either deliberate or accidental.

Have you thought about the length of the lanyard? Not everybody likes the length of the cord. This can be altered by incorporating wither a slide bead or a clamp. These gadgets are both designed to shorten the length of the cord.

If you have to wear a lanyard every day why not make it one which works for you? Why settle for a simple generic cord. Get a lanyard that not only hold the items that you want, but states or symbolizes something that you like or enjoy?

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