Lanyards Get Personal

January 30, 2013

There are hundreds of applications for lanyards. This means that you can customize a cord just for you. Customization can begin with the attachments and end with the design of the cord. It can also include the design on the lanyard.

People are learning that it is possible to have more than a single clasp on a cord. In fact it is possible to have dozens, depending upon the weight of each item being carried. Additionally, it is possible to include spacers on the cord. Spacers can prevent the items from gathering in a central clump on the lanyard.

Spacers can be created using variety of things. Many people like to use small pieces of hoses or similar pieces of tubing which can be split. This allows them to be fit onto the lanyard. If you are using a double ended cord many of the spacers can slide right onto the lanyard.


One group of people which take real advantage of this ability is the fisherman. They use a single cord to carry all kinds of fishing gear simultaneously. The cord is often used to ensure that they have all of their basic fishing equipment right at their fingertips. This is ideal for fishing in streams and similar situations, where you do not instant access to their tackle box.

The cord of the lanyard can also be personal. Many individuals do not like the length of the cord. They prefer to have one which is sorter. This adjustment can be made quickly by including either a cinch or a slide bead onto the cord. These devices are very similar in nature. However, they do have one big difference. The slide bead is able to move. Once the gadget has been clamped onto the cord is can be continuously moved. The cinch on the other hand is a more permanent fixture.

The cord does not have to be plain or generic. It can be used to express a person’s interests or tastes.

There are hundreds of charities and groups. If you have a certain interest in one you should discover if they have their own lanyard. Wearing their cord not only shows your allegiance it also helped to generate additional advertizing.

You can use the cord to show your passion for a certain kind of animal. Not only are there cords available which have the name of a species on them, there are ones which get even more specific. For example it is possible to get a lanyard which has the name of a particular breed of dog or cat on the cord.

Many people prefer to keep their lanyard a bit more general. They like to wear one which does not have any wording at all. They like the cord to be either a solid color or a simple pattern.

Customization can also include the way in which a lanyard is worn. The traditional cord is slipped over a person’s head. However, there are a number of variations of this method. The double ended cord is one which does not form a complete circle. To wear this cord a person must attach both ends of the lanyard.

Lanyards can be worn on a person’s wrist. These cords are often designed using a plastic elastic cable. Another way for a person to wear a lanyard is on their belt. This kind of lanyard is frequently a single strait piece with a clasp at either end.

If you are interested in getting a lanyard for any reason, personal safety, ID keys, etc. You should get one which really suits you!

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