Versatile Lanyards – Seen in Professions Everywhere

February 7, 2013

The lanyard is a device which has been around for hundreds of years. This versatile cord can be used to carry all kinds of various items as many people know. However, people do not always realize that the lanyard can also been worn in numerous ways.

The traditional and still the most common method of wearing a lanyard is around the neck. These basic cords form a complete circle. They are put on over a person’s head.

The double ended lanyard is an open cord. This kind of lanyard does not form a circle. In order for this particular cord to stay in place it must be “attached” to something. For example these lanyards are frequently used to carry various kinds of glasses. The circle is completed by attaching each arm of the glasses to a different end of the cord.

Another means of completing the circle is to attach one end of the cord to the other. This is done by employing various clasps. For instance a person could have a split ring, on which they keep their keys on one end of the cord. On the other end they would have a lobster claw. They would attach the lobster claw to the split ring to make a circle. Alternatively, the person could have an alligator clip on the one end. This clip would then be affixed to cord about an inch above the split ring clasp.

The lanyard can also be worn around a person’s wrist. This type of lanyard is frequently made out of spring cable. This kind of cord is often used on land line based phones. These cords are extremely elastic and stretchy. This style of cord is perfect for this application because the user can easily slide it over their hand.

The lanyard is also being attached to various pieces of clothing. Individuals who do not want to have their wallet stolen often utilize lanyards in this way. They slide the cord through a belt loop and then attach the cord to their wallet. The wallet can then be placed into a pocket. By doing this the wearer virtually eliminates the chances of anybody stealing the wallet without their knowledge.

People in the military often use this procedure to secure a side-arm. They loop the cord around a holster or scabbard and then attach the lanyard directly to the weapon. This prevents the weapon from being dropped or falling during any type of altercation. Construction workers use the same kind of system except that they attach the cord to their hard hats and to their safety harness. This ensures that the hat cannot fall.

The shoulder lanyard is one which normally is more decorative than functional. Numerous groups and organizations use cords to symbolize various achievements. The color of the cord itself often represents the level that the wear has obtained. For example a group might use a yellow shoulder cord to indicate level one and a blue cord for level two.

These are just a few of the more common ways that lanyards are being worn today. There are many, many others.

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