The Custom Lanyard

February 15, 2013

The custom lanyard is an item that is selected by companies that want to improve their security efforts and obtain some quality advertizing.

Companies have in recent years been asking all of their staff to have and wear their ID at all times. This is a great way for security to know at a glance who should be on the premises and who should not. To make it even easier for security personnel, many companies are designing and requesting that all of their employees have their ID on a custom lanyard.

Custom Lanyards

One of the benefits that companies gain by designing their own cords is the fact that they can ensure that each and every lanyard includes the breakaway safety feature. This option is specifically designed to ensure that the wearer does not sustain any kind of injury due to the cord.

A cord injury could occur if the lanyard gets caught or snagged in any kind of machinery. Other injuries may happen if the cord is deliberately pulled or grabbed. These incidents can be prevented by simply wearing a safety breakaway lanyard. This buckle which is located at the back of the wearer’s neck was designed to open the second that it is placed under any kind of strain.

Another reason that companies should choose to design their own cords is the fact that they can use lanyards to implement a security system which utilizes colors. The business can have lanyards made in different colors and provide each type of employee with a different color. For example a large company could require that all people who work in the back office wear lanyards that were green and those employed as sales staff would be provided with red ones.

The company can also ensure that the ID was displayed in an appropriate case. For example, if a business has a large number of people who work outside they might want to ensure that the case being offered a UV protective coating. This special coating ensures that the ID will not fade due to the sun’s rays regardless of the number of hours that a person is in the sun. A company can also make certain that the ID cases were made of a clear hard plastic. This kind of case reduces the chance of the ID becoming bent or cracked.

The best thing about a business being able to customize their own cords is the fact that they can have anything they want printed onto it. A business may want to have their name and logo on the cord. Alternatively, they may wish to have a slogan or tagline on the lanyard.

Another idea which numerous companies like to implement is having contact information on the lanyard. Due to the fact that lanyards are a highly visible object, anyone who sees the employee will also see the cord. This simple fact means that the lanyard can help to advertize the company.

The lanyard is one of the few things which can both advertize the company and increase its security. And, if that were not enough the cords can be bought online at extremely reasonable prices.

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