Children and Lanyards

February 25, 2013

The lanyard is an item which every parent should have among their arsenal of “kids” gear. Lanyards can help every parent in hundreds of different ways. The article below will list a few of these.

Children today often arrive home before their parents. This simple fact means that these kids will need to have a key to the house. The best way to ensure that a child does not lose their key is to make them keep it on a lanyard. There is far less chance of a child forgetting the key at a friend’s or in their locker if it is hung around their neck.

When kids are young and still in diapers every parent knows that you have to bring along a huge diaper bag. However, when a child gets older you may no longer want to carry a big bag with you. A well packed lanyard pouch makes an ideal alternative. This small pouch can be filled with a few first aid items, handy wipes and any medications that the child may need.

One of the major benefits of this system is the fact that you can have the basics without having to have something in your hands. And, depending upon the contents of the bag the child can in fact carry their own pack or pouch.

When you are taking a child on an outing you can prepare a bag of healthy foods, which can be carried on a lanyard. This strategy keeps the child hands free and lets them have their food whenever they want it. Additionally, it saves money and permits the parent to have control over the child’s snacking choices. This snack bag can also double as a convenient place to keep any wrappers or garbage, which makes a great alternative to the parent’s pocket or purse.

Lanyards can be used to carry all kinds of items that a child may want to take along when they do go out. Every parent has probably at one time had to go back into a store, a gas station or restaurant because their child had left something behind. This problem can be virtually eliminated by attached the item to the child’s lanyard. Furthermore, the cord is strong enough to carry everything from a personal gaming system to a beloved teddy bear.

The lanyard can help to protect a child when they are outside. Sunglasses have been worn by adults for many years, but today they are becoming a necessity for people of all ages. Children should have adequate glasses which protect their eyes from the sun anytime that they are playing outdoors. These glasses can be carried on a lanyard.

Every parent should have a number of lanyards in the home which they can quickly change to suit the needs of the child before heading out the door.

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