July 29, 2011

Lanyards and kids go together. If you are not certain of this truth, read the following:

If you are a parent then you know that children do not always remember things. Many parents out of necessity have to give their child keys to the house. The last thing that any parent wants to hear is that the child has lost or forgotten their keys. To prevent this accident in the making, get you youngster a buy single lanyards that has a key ring.

Children get thirsty. As a parent you know exactly how important it is that you make certain that in the summer your child does not get dehydrated. It is important that they always have some water to drink. If you do not want to have to carry bottles of water for all of your kids consider getting them a water bottle lanyard. You can get each child their own lanyard and attach a refillable bottle. This idea is great for several reasons. One is that you can control exactly what your child is drinking. Rather than having to stop someplace and buy either a pop or some other expensive drink your child will have theirs right on hand. Additionally by employing a refillable bottle you will not be contributing to the problem of plastic in the landfills.

Almost every child likes to snack. No matter where you are going or for how long, chances are at some point your child will want a little something to eat. This is where a pouch lanyard comes in handy. You can very easily give your child a designer lanyards with a snack pouch to wear before you leave the house. Even if you are only going to the mall, rather than having to stop and getting your child an unhealthy bag of chips or an order of fries you can fill the pouch with healthy snack choice. This simple device will also help you to keep your car clean. Small children do tend to be messy eaters. Rather than having to worry about them spilling crumbs in your car if they drop their bag.

The lanyard pouch is also an ideal place for your child to carry any of the expensive devices that many children now have. It makes a great MP3 carrier or is ideal if your child has a small gaming system. You can directly attach the device or you can use a pouch. Either way the chances of your child dropping or forgetting their toy will be greatly reduced.

If you are thinking that a low cost lanyards is a great idea for your child you should also consider getting one that has the breakaway feature. This safety device will ensure that if for some reason the lanyard does become caught or is pulled your child will not be in any danger. The quick release will instantly open and your child will not risk a serious injury. You have to use some common sense. There are very children who do not like to climb and run around. This could be a potentially danger situation if the child’s lanyard gets snagged on a piece of playground equipment, in a tee or even in a door. Remove the rick and get a safety lanyard.

These are just a few simple ideas of how fundraising lanyards can help you and your children.

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